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I thought the wife of my friend Paul, Julia, when I first met, and even flirted a little, I never had the courage to take a step towards it. New Year's Eve, we went to our local bar and had a lock until 1. 00. Then a group of us went back to Paul and Julia. With nearly 3. 30 each had been next to my wife and I went to his room and Paul snoring in the chair. Julia said, seemed to have to wait for your New Year fluff and not know where I got out of the bottle, but he replied that they do not, if dinotube they do not want. It makes me smile and said, that sounds like an offer, and said it was safe. I looked for a few seconds and then leaned over and kissed me beautiful, sexy. She took my hand and led me into dinotube his bedroom and Paul. We were a big risk with the possibility of waking and disturbing Paul bedtime or make enough noise to my wife, who was sleeping in the next room to wakeBut I was too angry and too cold to care, and Julia must have been. Once in the room, Julia joined me in bed and then climbed on top of me. She kissed me deeply and I loved the feeling of rubbing their big tits against my chest and her crotch against mine. After a few minutes, got out of bed on his knees, opened my pants and took off. Then I pulled her panties to my hard toll free. He kissed the head a few times and then starts to tease me with the tip of the tongue. What seemed an eternity before she slid her mouth all over. She moved her tongue around his mouth and top to bottom and it felt absolutely wonderful. Fortunately, I was not angry to come. After a few minutes of amazing sucking gently pulled her to me and kissed her again. I turned around and put it in dinotube your lap. He opened it and pulled his pants and she was not wearing underwear was well received by most, Clean-shaven pussy. As he took off his jeans and a jersey that she took her bra, freeing her beautiful tits. I made ​​fun of her for years licking her inner thighs and everywhere, but the clit until I was praying and trying to push my mouth love. When I finally gently licking the clitoris, it only took about a minute before he smashes his head as if they came dinotube from. They seemed to come forever and I could not do anything that I licked until she began to recover and pulled me towards her. She told me to fuck hard. Her pussy was so wet, my cock slid in dinotube just the right until it stops, and began to beat me like a madman, while burying my head in her breasts. The bed was very sharp and crisp that makes too much noise. Only God knows how not to wake my wife or Paul. It was not long before she came back and felt his muscles tighten around my penis, which triggered my orgasm. After that was finished we kissed each other for dinotube a long time. Shand he said he wanted to fuck me for years and said he wanted to have, let me know. She dinotube said she hoped it would not be the last time we'll be fucked. After a while I got together, ordered a taxi and took my unconscious wife at home. The next morning I woke up dinotube and started in a cold sweat about what had happened. My wife just strange my mood for a hangover. I do not know what you think of what Julia came, but today I feel much less guilty and still hope that I have the opportunity to have her back.
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